Rare Sugar Congress 2023

The 8th International Symposium of International Society of Rare Sugars

March 31 – April 2, 2023

Takamatsu, Kagawa, JAPAN  

Sponsorship Information


ISRS provides numerous sponsorship opportunities for the Rare Sugar Congress 2023 (RSC2023). For further information, please contact the ISRS Sponsorship Managers on e-mail (rare2023-a@kagawa-u.ac.jp), who will be pleased to provide you with details of the best marketing package for your needs and budget. 


Below are some of the packages we are offering:

 Type of Offering  Sponsorship Fee 
Coffee Break Sponsor *
(Mar. 31 PM, Apr. 1 AM/PM and 2 AM/PM)
 150,000 yen / one break
 Luncheon Seminar Sponsor *
(Apr. 1 and 2)
 250,000 yen / seminar
 Sponsor Logo (A)
(1/2 size in Proceeding booklet)
 50,000 yen
 Sponsor Logo (B)
(1/10 size in Proceeding booklet)
 10,000 yen

 *Including Sponsor Logo in Proceeding Booklet of RSC2023 with a size of 1/2 in A4 page.



Luncheon Seminor Sponsor



Luncheon Seminor and Coffee Break Sponsor





Contact Information

International Society of Rare Sugars 
Ikenobe 2393, Miki, Kagawa
761-0795, JAPAN
Secretarial Board 
Dr. Kazuya Akimitsu
P: +81(87) 891-3131


If you need more information with our circulation mails without registration to RSC2023, please contact by email.