Rare Sugar Congress 2023

The 8th International Symposium of International Society of Rare Sugars

March 31 – April 2, 2023

Takamatsu, Kagawa, JAPAN  

Sponsorship Information


ISRS provides numerous sponsorship opportunities for the Rare Sugar Congress 2023 (RSC2023). For further information, please contact the ISRS Sponsorship Managers on e-mail (rsc2023-a@kagawa-u.ac.jp), who will be pleased to provide you with details of the best marketing package for your needs and budget. 


Below are some of the packages we are offering:

 Type of Offering  Sponsorship Fee 
Coffee Break Sponsor *
(Mar. 31 PM, Apr. 1 AM/PM and 2 AM/PM)
 150,000 yen / one break
sold out
 Luncheon Seminar Sponsor *
(Apr. 1 and 2)
 250,000 yen / seminar
sold out
 Sponsor Logo (A)
(1/2 size in Proceeding booklet)
 50,000 yen
 Sponsor Logo (B)
(1/10 size in Proceeding booklet)
 10,000 yen

 *Including Sponsor Logo in Proceeding Booklet of RSC2023 with a size of 1/2 in A4 page.



Luncheon Seminor Sponsor



Luncheon Seminor and Coffee Break Sponsor





Sponsored and Supported by 

Kagawa University

Kagawa University IIRSRE

Kagawa Prefecture MICE

TAKAMATSU Convention and Visitors Bureau

Kagawa Industory Support


Contact Information

International Society of Rare Sugars 
Ikenobe 2393, Miki, Kagawa
761-0795, JAPAN
Secretarial Board 
Dr. Kazuya Akimitsu
P: +81(87) 891-3131